• Tricia Pyatt, MA, LPC

Have you met Dez?!?!

Oh my gosh you guys... have you met Dez yet? Because if not, you need to!

"Who is Dez", you ask? Dez is our new counselor who will be counseling out of our new office in Lake St. Louis, MO! Want to know more about her? Click here!

In case you missed it, we are expanding! Check out our progress on our FB page!

We are hoping to open the doors by July 15, but keep up with us on FB for our regular updates. Also, you are encouraged to contact us sooner than that to get something set up. We can even start now by doing telehealth (online therapy)! Dez's fees are super reasonable. You can see them here.

We can't wait to get things up and running, and we are working on adding more amazing counselors to help you with whatever your therapy needs might be! We will be seeing kids, adults, couples, adolescents - whoever you are, you are welcome here!

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