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To Control, or Not to Control - that is the question

To control, or not to control - that is the question!

Whether you have anxiety or not, I can guarantee that most people are more comfortable when they are in control. But this is especially true for someone with anxiety!

When things start happening around us that are completely out of our control, it can seem very scary, and that is when our anxiety can shoot through the roof in an instant!

Please hear what I am saying - we like to have control. I am NOT saying that we are "control freaks", or controlling. I am saying that when bad things happen to us, it is usually because we are out of control of a situation, and this can be the cause for a lot of hurt, heartache, and overwhelming anxiety.

So what can you do? Well, you can take control of the little things. Instead of focusing on that which you cannot control, focus on the things you can. For example, you can't control how your husband responds to your affection, but you can control how you give it. Consider figuring out what his love language is and show him love in that way. That is something you can control!

So in a world full of things we cannot control, grab control of things you can! And for all those things you can't control - it's time to LET IT GO. (And maybe see a counselor!) :)

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