Rachelle Weger, PLPC, CCPS-C

E3 Lake St. Louis

My name is Rachelle Weger and I have lived in the St. Louis area for almost 10 years with my husband and children. I have come to love the Midwest and cherish the family and friends that I have here. Some of the values I hold dear are authenticity, honesty, empowerment, and a willingness to do the hard work of change. 

My preferred areas of clinical focus are women’s issues and trauma. I have experience working with domestic violence survivors, PTSD, and betrayal trauma. I am passionate about helping survivors rebuild their lives and sense of self. While I am capable of helping clients with various mental health concerns, I have specialized training through the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS) to work with partners of sex addicts, including compulsive pornography users.  I am a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist- Candidate (CCPS-C) and treat betrayal trauma using the Multi-Dimensional Partner Trauma Model. I am also trained in the Early Recovery Couples Empathy Model, which supports couples in early recovery after discovery of sexual addiction or affairs. Dr. Jill Manning states that “betrayal trauma occurs when someone we depend on for survival, or are significantly attached to, violates our trust in a critical way”.  If you have been struggling with the effects of your partner’s sexual addiction, pornography use, emotional affairs or any other form of betrayal you feel is impacting your life, I can help. 

In order to provide my clients dealing with trauma with the best possible clinical care, I have been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy by The EMDR Institute. EMDR is an empirically validated psychotherapy that allows individuals to process traumatic memories or life events using adaptive information processing techniques. EMDR has been shown to ease or eliminate emotional and physical distress resulting from trauma. To learn more about how EMDR can help you, please call for a free 15-minute consultation.

All too often, individuals believe that their reaction to a traumatic event is abnormal or unhealthy. Maybe you feel broken. My goal is to help you understand why you are reacting the way you are and give you tools to cope and recover. Although it may not have always felt like it, healing is possible and within your reach! I strive to empower my clients, and I believe that you have the ability to feel whole again. 

Areas of Clinical Focus:

Women’s Issues

Betrayal Trauma / Partners of Sex Addicts

Infidelity / Early Couples Recovery

Couples in Crisis


Sexual Trauma

Assertiveness Skills 



Childhood Trauma



*Rachelle Weger is under the clinical supervision of Patricia E. Pyatt, LPC, License #2017044724


*Please note that Rachelle does not accept any insurance at this time. Please see the "insurance and fees"  tab for details on fees.