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S2 | Simply Support

support groups led by people like you

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At E3 Counseling Services, we believe there is power found in encouragement, enrichment, and empowerment. We also believe that sometimes, those things are best found in people who have experienced the same hurt. 

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Support Groups that are led by people like you - people who share similar struggles, and are at a point in their life that they are ready to help others. This idea originated with Rachel - a mom of two kids, and a survivor of some horrendous events that led to her becoming a solo mom. After years of therapy, Rachel has grown in tremendous ways. She recently expressed her desire to start a support group for single and solo moms. And thus, S2 was born.

S2 stands for "Simply Support". Many people think of group therapy as a more clinical setting and approach - a therapy group led by a Licensed Mental Health Professional. But S2 takes a different approach. Simply Support is exactly what it is. It is a group, led by a peer, and only focused on supporting one another through a struggle they all share in common. Every group leader goes through an interview process to ensure the leaders are a good fit for that role. Once approved, the group leader will be trained, and then begin having meetings. A Licensed Professional will oversee all of our group leaders. They will talk on a regular basis, and will be a point of contact should anything ever come up.

We currently have one group in session. It is for Single/Solo Moms. Click here to get more info and to register to attend this group. If you have any questions about this group, please email Rachel at 

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