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Katie Ross
Virtual Assistant

Hello!  My name is Katie Ross and I am the Virtual Assistant here at E3 Counseling.  I have spent most of my life in the Lincoln County area.  I was raised and graduated just up the road in Elsberry MO.  Which is where I graduated highschool, in 2004.  After graduation I got married and started a family.  During this time I also obtained my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 2015 from Missouri Baptist University.


As I ventured into adulthood, marriage and motherhood, I began to realize life is not always easy to navigate.  Many challenges including post partum depression, grief from loss and death, family struggles, suicidal ideation, and ptsd struggles met me face to face with needing guidance and help - help working through what has happened, managing the current situations and working towards a better tomorrow.


Counseling in many forms has come beside me and helped me on my path of healing for the last four years.  And in this process my heart was called to help others in their own healing process, which led me to E3 Counseling.  It is my pleasure to help you get connected to the right counselor, as well as to make the process of getting started go from scary and hectic to comforting and understanding.  

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