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Kali Moore
Family Life Specialist

Hi, I am Kali Moore. A native of the Lake of the Ozarks, I graduated from Camdenton High School in 2010 and earned a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Missouri State University. After starting my family and getting married I was instantly drawn to working with young children and their families. 


This passion for supporting families guided me to work as an early-childhood educator, a family advocate and home-visiting educator. I completed a Master's Degree in Parent and Family Education at the University of Minnesota in 2018. It wasn't until I had my second child and recognized my own struggles to process, accept and understand the pain and grief I carried from a difficult childhood and how this impacted my role as a parent each and every day that I began to dive deeper into our emotional lives as families. 


Beginning in 2018 I began delivering child-centered, play-based intervention to elementary aged children struggling with social-emotional development. From shyness to confidence, as we build relationships and uncover what makes each child unique, I am humbled to see them spread their wings and soar! 


As I continued working professionally with families and raising two children I noticed how so often we put our children's wellbeing first and don't often care for our own internal state. I began KindFlow in 2020 as a way to facilitate parent-education in the workplace and retreat settings. A gentle blend of meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga and mental health education, KindFlow brings parents together to let it all flow!  We build tools to apply in the heat of parenting stress, enjoying more moments of calm and connection with our children. 


Trained under Susan Bogels in 2021, University of Amsterdam, I am certified in the Mindful Parenting method and feel understanding the holistic mind/body process for parenting stress is key to feeling empowered and confident as our children change and grow alongside us through the highs and lows of life. 


I enjoy working with a wide range of families including: young families, single-parents, co-parents, families with recent loss or change as well as a specific focus with children ages 4-10. 

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