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Congrats, Alex!

This girl - I cannot give her enough accolades! Alex has been with E3 since 2020 - the early days of Covid! She had reached out to me about needing a place to complete her internship hours. Because of Covid, and many practices closing, she was having a difficult time finding someone who would take her. Then her mom mentioned that she had seen the sign to our practice while driving around one day, so Alex emailed me. We only spoke via email and Zoom calls. We never met face-to-face, but I decided to take a chance on her, because I just had a good feeling about her. And boy am I glad I did! I was a little nervous - I won't lie. She was young and I didn't really *know* her very well. Also, I had never hired a counselor to work for me before, so that was also very scary!

Alex has been an incredible counselor, she's been super easy to supervise because she is so smart and self-sufficient. We are required by the state of MO to meet 1 hour per week, every week, to go over any difficult cases, and to teach and explore new things. She has always been so receptive to my input, and we quickly became friends, in addition to coworkers.

In summary, we feel SO blessed to have Alex on our team, and I am so proud of her for all she has accomplished. She is such a beautiful addition to our team, and an incredible human. Her clients love her, and so do I! She is now at a point where she doesn't need me anymore. She does tell me she's not going anywhere, though, so that is reassuring. Selfishly, I was really worried about losing her, even though I would fully support that decision. But never fear, guys, she's staying! :)

Lastly, I just want to tell you what it takes to become a counselor. It takes approximately 6 years of schooling, an internship that takes roughly 3-6 months to complete, and then anywhere from 2 to 4 years under a licensed supervisor (that was me!), a very difficult, stressful state exam for licensure, and countless hours of training and learning. It is a LOT, let me tell ya! But she has now finished all of that and can function on her own as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Yay Alex!

Everyone please help me congratulate her for all of her hard work and dedication to working in this field. I sure do love her! Excited to see where she takes her career from here. I just know she will do great things, and will be absolutely UNSTOPPABLE!

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