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The Rainbow after the Storm

Did you know that October 15th is nationally recognized as Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day? I know this, because sadly, I belong to the "club" that no mother wants to belong to. One out of four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Unfortunately, I represent that 1 in 4.

This is my story:

I would like to share my story - not for sympathy, but to share how it has changed the course of my life. Surprisingly, some really beautiful things have happened as a result of the pain I suffered.

It was over 17 years ago that I experienced my first miscarriage. My husband and I were trying to start a family and were having a difficult time conceiving. After several years, we finally got pregnant. We were thrilled, and couldn't wait to be parents and love on our precious child. But we found out shortly after that our baby had no heartbeat, and that we would never get to hold, or love on, our baby. It was quite possibly the most devastating news I had ever received in my life. Our hearts were completely broken.

Throughout the next several years, we suffered more losses. Each one was just as difficult as the first, but eventually we were able to welcome two healthy kiddos into this world, and they are still with us today... And let me tell you - they are the biggest blessings we have ever experienced in our lives!

Here's the cool part to this story: Although the pain was awful, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, it helped me to become who I am today. Had I not gone through that tragedy, multiple times, I never would have had the thought of, "I want to help support other women who are going through this". That thought led to the creation of a non-profit that I used to help reach women like me, and ultimately, it made me see more clearly that I wanted to help people on a larger scale. And because of that desire, I decided to go back to school and become a counselor so I could help people who are going through, not just the loss of a child, but anything difficult that I could help walk through with them.

Nothing will ever make the pain completely go away. We lost 5 babies who all have names, and who all hold a special place in my heart. I will never be glad I went through it. But now that I am far enough away from the situation, I can see how my pain has been used for good, and I am thankful that I was able to see through my pain to find something beautiful after that storm.

To anyone who is struggling, please know that we see you. We mourn with you. But we will also celebrate with you when you see the rainbow after your storm.

*If you are looking for support through whatever difficult circumstances you are facing, please give our office a call today. We will get you set up with a great counselor who can walk through your storm with you, and hopefully help you to see the rainbow that presents itself ahead of you. Seek counseling today!

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