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What is love?

If I were to ask you what love is, what would you say? How do you determine who really loves you? How do you show others you really love them?

Over the last few years as a counselor, I often hear people express regrets. I also often hear kids say how they wish their parents gave them more quality time without distractions.

I have found time to be the most important asset we have. Don't be afraid to spend time with your kids. Make them stop playing video games (that means you put your phone down too... ouch, right?), and play some board games with them, or hide-and-seek. I can promise you, your kids will never grow up and say, "Man, I wish I didn't have to spend so much quality time with my parents growing up!", but they may say, "Man, I wish I had more quality time with my parents".

We all do things we later regret. So why not start spending time doing the things you know you'll never regret? Nurture relationships with people who matter. You'll never regret spending time with the people you love. You will, however, regret not spending enough time with them.

The "L" stands for Lilly, the "M" is for Mom.
A picture drawn for me by my daughter, Lilly

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